Beach Towel M22-393a
Product Description

Heavy beach towels may feel nice and cozy, but unless you’re using the towel at home and have access to a dryer, you want something to dry fast and not stink up your beach bag. Bigger can be better if you want a towel that doubles as a blanket that may serve you better.

A cotton beach towel with eye-catching colors could be perfect for your next pool party, but if you want a towel to go with you to the gym, you may also want to invest in a microfiber option that dries in minutes. Most beach towels come in three materials: cotton, terry or microfiber. Microfiber is lightweight and absorbent, but it isn’t necessarily the most comfortable option. Terry is typically a mix of cotton and other materials and woven with loops that give them more surface area to absorb water. As for cotton, it tends to be soft and quick to dry and comes in either Egyptian (a more refined and more substantial yarn) or Turkish (with longer fibers to make it even more absorbent).

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