Cooper M21-392a
Product Description

A sleek elegant 10000 mAh wireless powerbank. Charge and discharge cycle times more than 500; Input: 5V2A, USB Output: 5V2A, Wireless Output: 5V1A Dimension:142 x 68 x 15 mm. Our engineer adopts the amazing wireless charging technology which includes a pure copper coil. We treated it with bold reinforcement, strongly expanding the scope of the recharge. Coil possesses the function of stable fi ring, intelligent temperature controlling, magnetic isolation protecting which means your phone can be stubbornly charged in a high speed with 360 degrees rotation. Cooper comes with an INTELLIGENT CHIP APO (Automatic Power Off) Security is an important factor that each smart charger needs to be considered. When your mobile phone leaves the charger after 30 seconds, it will automatically power off and suddenly shut down which effectively prevents overcharge, over discharge, security problems such as short circuit and excess temperature, providing with certifi ed safety. Anti-Overcharge, no radiation fast charge to charge your device to 90?ttery capacity, then switch to trickle charging. Fully protect the battery and prevent over-charging, overheat, short circuit and extend the service life of your phone. Do a truly security!

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