Eclipse M22-345a
Product Description

Smart Writing Set Eclipse is a futuristic writing system, which instantly digitizes, transcribes and organizes all your written notes, sketches, drawings. Your bridge between paper and digital. The Eclipse kit contains the Pen+ Eclipse smart pen and a Large Dotted Paper Tablet with special Ncoded paper. Simply write on the pages of the Paper Tablet with the Pen+ Eclipse for instantly-digitized notes that can be edited, transcribed, organized and shared on your device of choice. The Pen+ Eclipse clips to the cover of the Paper Tablet, so you are always ready to jot down key points in a meeting, project brainstorming ideas, to-do lists, and whatever else fill the pages of your notebook. The Smart Writing Set Eclipse makes an instant and workable digital copy of every page bringing all the advantages of borderless digital creativity to your freehand notes, sketches, diagrams and doodles.
Size: 26x26x3 cm.

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