Interlock M22-13a
Product Description

Interlock double knit fabric is a variation of rib knit. The rows become “interlocked” as the fabric is knitted. While the construction of interlock fabrics makes the fabric feel very firm, it also has a soft and smooth texture. The thickness of the fabric makes it very absorbent as well, to give it the most optimal characteristics, such as breathability and softness, natural fibers are preferred. The most common natural fiber to make interlock is cotton and wool. You can also find interlock fabric made of polyester, rayon, and modal, but these aren’t as common as wool and cotton. 100% cotton is an eco-friendly fabric choice for interlock knit fabric. Cotton is soft, comfortable, breathable, and has a certain level of stretch to it. It is usually used for summertime clothing. These can be tailored with plain collar cuff or jacquard collar cuff

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