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Qi Plus
product description

3 in 1 Qi enabled device wireless power bank travel charger. Wireless Charging Pad: No cables or USB interface required to charge. Just put your device on the charger pad that can be starting to charge, will make the charging more convenience and safety. The wireless charging function available for all Qi enabled smart devices.

Portable power bank: 6700mAh high capacity with 2 USB ports and 1 USB-C port can charger to smartphone, ipad, tablet and other device for business travel or or other long time outside activities

Wall charger adapter: Can charge itself with the plug and without connect any cable, also can use it as a adapter when the power bank out of power. The multi removable and foldable wall charge plug will make this adapter more compact and convenient for charging on the go

Digital display: Showed by outstanding numbers with exactly power percentage. You can charge more than one device at the same time, use cable charge with USB ports, wireless charger function for wireless charge device; Connect the plug use as a multi-port adapter, disconnect the plug use as a portable power bank; The plug can be removable, you can replace the plug when you trip to other country, use as a travel adapter.

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