Brew M21-133a
Product Description

Brew is made from tempered soda lime glass. Designed for long life – durable and shock resistant. Independently tested to ensure they are lead and cadmium free. The cork used in our bands is sourced sustainably from the ancient cork oak forests of Portugal and manufactured from the recycled waste material from the wine industry. The cork material itself has unmatched environmental credentials. It’s light, biodegradable, antibacterial and is an incredible insulator with its superior thermal qualities. Furthermore, it also has great aesthetic qualities and is lovely to feel and hold. Over time, its patina will tell the story of your use. Being a natural product, cork is delicate. We urge users to look after it like a dear friend. For best results, do not remove the band from the cup and wash gently by hand. Brew Cork Edition is available in 8oz.

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