Qi Plus M21-372b
Product Description

QiPlus 3 in 1 universal adaptor 6700mah external battery pack with wall charger (multi adaptors) and Qi wireless charging pad for Qi enabled devices. Qi Plus international travel adaptor comes with multi adaptor suitable to be used in 140 countries. The digital LED power indicator displayes the exact status of the lithum polymer battery. Input voltage: DC 5V/2A, Output voltage: 5.1V/2.1A, Input port: Power adaptor, type-C, Output port: 2*USB, Type-C. Qi Plus 3-in-1 USB Universal adapter 6700 mAh powerbank comes with 2 USB Port 5W wired - super charger light press the power switch to turn on the machine, put your phone on the centre of “QI” charging mark. Dimension: 80 x 80 x 29 mm, Weight: 240 g

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